Who Let The Dogs WorkOUT!


We are now offering BY APPOINTMENT ONLY private group training classes. No more drop in classes.
This will allow us to TRAVEL TO YOU on the times that work best for you and/or your group between 6-12 people! Thank you for everyone’s feedback! We thought this was a great idea!!!!
We will also be starting a 6 week program with a package deal for BASIC and ADVANCED training. Cost is $195 for 6 weeks per person for 1 class a week! Reserve your group today
All you need to do is get your group (of dog lovers, of course) together and give us a call to schedule your “Who Let the Dogs Workout” exercise class for you, and doggie obedience for your dog!!!! FOR ALL LEVELS!
WARNING: This class is highly contagious and lots of fun!
Call today!

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This is Tierney Silver-Goeden. She is an awesome dog trainer and is a vital part to “Who Let the Dogs Workout.” She has been training dogs since she was 13 years old, apprenticing under her grandfather who was a hunting dog trainer. After graduating high school in MN she went to North Dakota State University for animal behavior. After graduation, Tierney attended Tom Rose school for professional dog trainers in Missouri graduating with a Masters. Tierney then set off to California to start her own dog training business. She is now Northern California’s best dog trainer!! Well, at least we think so.
She now trains sport protection dogs and behavior modification clients AND, ‘Who Let The Dogs Workout’ program with Emily Deckard. You can find Tierney at www.trainyourbeast.com.

Who Let The Dogs WorkOUT!


We like to have fun out here at Unleash the Beast – Training for Your Wild Dog! Emily Deckard Personal Trainer and I have been testing obedience and fitness programs to develop the best possible group class for Who Let The Dogs Workout! I had so much fun last night! #unleashthebeast #dogtraining

Posted by Unleash the Beast – Training for Your Wild Dog on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another sneak peak at the Who Let The Dogs Workout group class! Here, I am working on control with my dog while Emily challenges herself to meet the pace of my commands.Can your dog do puppy push-ups? Come join us on Sunday mornings and learn how your dog can do this too! #unleashthebeast #dogtraining #dogworkout

Posted by Unleash the Beast – Training for Your Wild Dog on Monday, June 26, 2017