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I love that Emily is so open, joyous, and positive. It is very easy to feel uplifted around her
I strongly recommend her for people who are trying to get started, need help developing a balanced program, or have pain and need a plan specially designed for them. She is an awesome woman and I am glad I have had the opportunity to work alongside her. – Tierney


Whether you’re new to having a personal trainer or a veteran of the activity, Emily will help you feel comfortable, supported and accomplished! She meets you at your level, never pushing you beyond your limits – she instead encourages you to expand your limits. This is all backed by extensive knowledge of the human body and an ability to cultivate trust and a feeling of safety when under her guidance. She can help you optimize your athleticism; she can help you recover from an injury; she can help you lose weight . . . she’s basically a badass, awesome person who also happens to be a brilliant personal trainer! Nothing but love for you Emily!!   -Georgia



“At 49, the thought of going to a large gym full of guys half my age was too intimidating and stopped my motivation to workout. However, Emily keeps me motivated. Not only while in her private gym, but every day when I do my cardio walks in my neighborhood. I am now looking forward to being 50 soon and in the best shape of my life.” – Brian B

“After my foot surgery I was worried about what I could do to stay active. I didn’t think I was able to workout but Emily was able to give me exercises tailored to my needs, and I was able to do more than I thought. I feel stronger now and would highly recommend Emily to anyone, especially if they feel they are limited on what they are capable of.”- Kristy V-M






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Emily Deckard-Personal Trainer

Emily Deckard-Personal Trainer